Where was the lighthouse from THE DEEP?

Three different Bermuda locations were combined to create Romer Treece's ( Robert Shaw ) Saint David's Lighthouse. These were: Coney Island, Bermuda ,  Bermuda's  Royal Naval Dockyard , and,  The real   Saint David's lighthouse   on Bermuda's   Saint David's Island . To avoid confusion there is a real Saint David's Lighthouse at Saint David's Island in Bermuda, which is where   Peter Benchley 's novel   The Deep   is set. However, the majority of the movie's exterior Saint David's scenes were filmed instead at Coney Island, Bermuda. We'll look at all three locations in detail below. Coney Island An exterior facade, which explodes at the end of the film, once existed at Coney Island, Bermuda. The location does not have a specific postal address but the set lay on top of Coney Island hill approximately 100 metres from the Department of Environmental Protection, Marine Resources cottage at  3 Coney Island Road, Saint George, Bermuda, CR 04 .

10 Places Jacqueline Bisset scuba dived on RMS Rhone while filming THE DEEP

Discover the real wreck of  RMS Rhone ,  in the British Virgin Islands, which was a filming location for  The Deep 's fictitious Goliath . The location is also connected to BVI's diving pioneers,  Bert and  Jackie Kilbride , and to Peter Island Yacht Club (now Peter Island Resort). The 10 exact places on Rhone where  The Deep was filmed are revealed below.  RMS Rhone (Source Illustrated London News) RMS Rhone is a real wreck which sank 29 October 1867 after striking  Black Rock Point , at Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands,  during the  San Narciso Hurricane .  The exact death toll remains uncertain because an unknown number of passengers from  RMS Conway   transferred to the "unsinkable" Rhone when both Rhone and Conway  began to drag their anchors while moored at Peter Island.  Conway featured on a 1985 Belize stamp commemorating the 350th anniversary of the British Post Office. It would be a disservice to skip over the dreadful events of Rhone 's si