Where was Jacqueline Bisset kidnapped in THE DEEP?

Jacqueline Bisset filming on Langton Hill, Bermuda in 1976

THE DEEP mobylette chase, that ended with Jacqueline Bisset (as Gail Berke) being kidnapped, was filmed at 10 unconnected Bermuda locations which, when edited together, gave the impression of a linear journey. Learn more about the unique history of each place and navigate your way using the map below.

The Causeway

The pursuit started on the Bermuda Causeway  at Longbird Bridge with an establishing shot looking west toward Grotto Bay

Danger lurks on the Bermuda Causeway
The Bermuda Causeway viewed from Longbird Bridge in 1976 (Source Sony Pictures).

(Photographer Keith Hamshere)

If Gail Berke (Jacqueline Bisset) and David Sanders (Nick Nolte) had left the real St. David's Island, they would be travelling west but their mopeds are filmed travelling east in the opposite direction. This is the correct direction of travel for characters coming from the St. David's Lighthouse set at Coney Island. The Coney Island set can be seen in the distance after the Commer truck pulls out from behind the old guard house.

About to cross Longbird Bridge (Source Sony Pictures).

When Bisset, Nolte, and the Commer drove out of shot they would have passed over Longbird Bridge, named after Long Bird Island which was levelled in 1941 to build Kindley Field. When THE DEEP was filmed in 1976 Longbird Bridge still existed (demolished 2020), but in 2003, Hurricane Fabian caused significant damage to The Causeway precisely on this spot. The part of the road Bisset and Nolte rode across disappeared into the ocean.

Fractious Street and Bailey's Bay

At Bailey's Bay the couple turns right, off North Shore Road, into Fractious Street, and they're soon joined by the truck.

Looking back from Fractious Street toward Bailey's Bay and North Shore Road (Source Sony Pictures).

As Bisset and Nolte turned off North Shore Road it was possible to see the concrete remains of the Bermuda Railway which is now the Bermuda Railway Trail. Thanks to the Friends of Bermuda Railway the pylons that once carried trains the length of Bermuda now support the popular Bailey's Bay Walkway (or Footbridge). Standing on the walkway it's possible to look up the Fractious Street rise where Bisset and Nolte rode.

As the couple continued up Fractious Street the location cut to Trinity Church Road alongside Harrington Sound. In the extended TV version of THE DEEP there was a long shot east from 43 Trinity Church Road, Hamilton looking toward the intersection of Trinity Church Road, Wilkinson Avenue and Harrington Sound Road.

(Source Sony Pictures).

The characters barely missed some workmen as they passed outside 27 Trinity Church Road, Hamilton.

Outside 27 Trinity Church Road, Hamilton in 1976 and now (below) (Source Sony Pictures).

Approximately 100 metres further west the couple skids around the front of Holy Trinity Church

Barely missing a Singer Vogue outside Holy Trinity Church on Harrington Sound (Source Sony Pictures)

This church is considered the oldest existing church in Bermuda, so old that its roof was originally covered with palmetto fronds.

The location cuts to Langton Hill which can be confused with Blackwatch Pass due to the similar appearance of the high coral walls. Gail manages to avoid being crushed into the coral wall by turning left into Langton Lane.

Jacqueline Bisset as Gail approaches Langton Lane as she travels north on Langton Hill (Source Sony Pictures)

Jacqueline Bisset (Gail), Nick Nolte (David), Earl Maynard (Ronald), Lee McClain (Johnson) and Bob Minor (Wiley) prepare to drive to Cloche's Cycle Hire in a 1970 Hillman Hunter Estate (Source Sony Pictures).

In the film version of THE DEEP the scene at Langton Lane cut straight to the couple's arrival at Cloche's hideout but in the extended TV version the journey takes a longer ride past some Bermuda landmarks. The first of these is Flatt's Village where the taxi drives down Flatt's Bridge having passing the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo which is out of shot to the right. The Aquarium is linked to the 1975 theft of the Tucker Cross and it was there that Police discovered the key to the safe that stored the cross was kept in an unlocked cabinet.  

(Source Sony Pictures).

The extended TV version continues the journey up North Street and pauses by a busy church before arriving at Cloche's. 

(Source Sony Pictures).

Cloche's hideout was across the road from historic Pembroke Sunday School at 3 Angle Street, Hamilton

(Source William Zuill)

The school began in 1819, at a time when there were few schools in Bermuda, and provided “reading, writing, spelling and the Catechism . . . and a reverence for holy things.” (Zuill, 1946). The present church was built in 1882 and has been called "The Centre" or more recently "Sammy Wilson Central Zone Community Centre".

Although Cloche's hideout has been demolished, and another building stands in its place, the entry that Bisset and Nolte were dragged into can be seen in a 1973 aerial picture.

Entry to Cloche's hideout in 1973 opposite the former Pembroke Sunday School 
(Source Bermuda Government via Douglas De Couto) 

Cloche's hideout was only a 5 minute walk from Goslings Head Office, at 9 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, the home of Black Seal Rum seen throughout the film. 

"I need information" (Source Sony Pictures).

"No thanks, I never drink before I dive" (Source Sony Pictures).

"Like a jar? Warm you up." (Source Sony Pictures).

Goslings retail store is at 33 Front St, Hamilton (corner of Queen Street and Front Street). In the extended TV version of THE DEEP Gail and David ride their Mobylettes the length of Front Street on their way to Treece's Lighthouse.

(Source Sony Pictures).

Were you there when THE DEEP was being filmed? Share your story of the THE DEEP filming locations in the comments below.



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