24 Bermuda filming locations from THE DEEP you can see in ONE DAY

Jacqueline Bisset (as Gail Berke) and Nick Nolte (as David Sanders) at Coney Island, Bermuda in 1976 (Source Sony Pictures).

Get ready for a big day! Filmed in 1976 THE DEEP is still a great film which thrilled audiences around the world and showcased Bermuda to millions.

One of the benefits of holidaying in Bermuda is that the territory's size makes everything close by. If your visit is short or you want a unique journey from one end of Bermuda to the other then use this Google Map to explore 24 Bermuda filming locations from THE DEEP in one day.

Some of the locations only appeared in the extended TV version of the film but they're still worth a visit for their natural or historical value. One of these is Butts Beach which featured Robert Shaw's son Colin, as a young Romer Treece, and Eli Wallach's son Peter, as a young shipwrecked Adam Coffin. 

The sea gives up her dead in a deleted scene at Butts Beach, Bermuda (Source Sony Pictures).

THE DEEP's cameras also preserved the appearance of some locations that have since been demolished. Cloche's hideout in the extended TV version has disappeared but historic Pembroke Sunday School glimpsed on the opposite side of the street still survives (corner of North and Angle Streets). 
A scene from the extended TV version of The Deep captures a view down North Street, Pembroke Sunday School as it appeared in 1976, and Cloche's hideout opposite since demolished (Source Sony Pictures).

Were you there when THE DEEP was being filmed? Share your story of the THE DEEP filming locations in the comments below.



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